Traditional B2B Telemarketing Doesn't Work Anymore

Lead Generation Telemarketing

Accurate and Timely Leads are the Lifeblood of Your Sales Team

Lead Generation and Telemarketing (also known as Cold Calling) is something you can control and use to grow your business. Companies and consultants that sell inbound marketing services want to tell you that "the Cold Call is dead!" It most certainly is not dead, though more and more companies have realized that it makes good business sense to outsource Lead Generation and Telemarketing. The fact is, Cold Calling, Telemarketing, and outbound Lead Generation are something most b2b businesses need.


Since 1997 Professional Prospecting Systems has been conducting b2b Lead Generation, Telemarketing and Appointment Setting programs.

Telemarketing Services

Professional Prospecting services provides clients with exceptional telemarketing services with innovative and fresh marketing ideas. We all know that traditional B2B doesn’t work anymore. The solution is to employ new technologies and strategies that get results.
Tired of cold calling to drum up new business? Most companies have eliminated the cold call because they think it’s not effective anymore. The truth is that it’s every bit as effective as it ever was, only the approach has gone through some changes to ensure results. 
If your sales team has run out of ideas and sales have begun to take a hit, consider hiring the telemarketing services of Professional Prospecting. Achieve the competitive advantage of hiring a virtual outbound marketing team and watch your business grow. With Professional Prospecting, you’ll benefit from their Business Development Discovery Process as well as their in-depth understanding of your market, products and audience. 
One of the PPS writers will develop an engaging calling script and email content for your company that will get your message out and into the minds of your prospects. Next, a Certified Developer will provide your personal calling team the tools they need to carry out your campaign. Once the system is in place, cold calling for your company will start to take place. The professional telemarketing services from Professional Prospecting will include their methodical approach while building your marketing database. This is where the process of lead nurturing begins.
Telemarketing services are only as good as the results they achieve. For this reason, you’ll have weekly conference calls to review results with your Program Manager. 
If you’re currently struggling to manage your calling campaign, speak with a specialist from Professional Prospecting. They can provide you with your own outbound marketing department for a lot less than you might think. Your sales team can only meet their goals when they are presented with prospects who are interested in your products and services. Be sure you’re providing your staff with right kind of prospects. 
You’ll find the telemarketing services from Professional Prospecting to be affordable and effective. For many companies, it just makes sense to outsource their appointment setting. When your sells team can focus on the job they were trained to perform, the bottom line is affected and revenue can grow. 
For professional scripts, dynamic email content and exceptional videos, no other B2B agency can compare with the telemarketing services that Professional Prospecting provides. In fact, their animated b2b lead generation videos are a powerful tool in bringing in new prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.
You can learn more about hiring Professional prospecting when you visit their website at You can also join a Q&A session from the website to find out more about their services. To request a quote for your company, send an email to or call 866-445-4369 to speak with a specialist who can help you get set up with their telemarketing service.

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