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This video will increase your sales by 10-30%


Here are some DazzleBiz Videos; Judge for yourself

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PPS knows how to get your video in front of your Prospects – e-Telemarketing

  • Step 1: Call and Email
    We employ experienced telemarketers who will call your prospects and, through a carefully crafted script, will get them excited to see your video. We then follow up with a short but informative email about your company and embed the video link for them to view. We can also speed up this process by providing a list with email addresses.
  • Step 2: Track Results
    We have software that tracks when your prospects view your video. Once viewed, we will call them to book an appointment with you or invite them to your event. Additionally we can enter your prospects into our automated email follow-up system and send out weekly informative emails for as long as you want.
  • Step 3: Reporting
    We create reports that will illustrate when and how often your prospects are opening your email and viewing your video.
  • Step 4: Closing the Sale
    You now have the opportunity to speak directly with your prospects at exactly the time when they are showing an interest in your product. I think you would have to agree that you have a much greater chance of making the sale with a 'hot' prospect.
Professional Prospecting Systems not only makes great business videos at a very reasonable cost, we also put a complete marketing system in place to get your business videos in front of your prospects and follow up with them to make sure they are touched enough times to understand and relate to your story and want to buy from you.  Because getting your prospects to 'act' after viewing your video and generating sales, is ultimately our common goal.
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