Lead Generation Telemarketing

Accurate and Timely Leads are the Lifeblood of Your Sales Team

Lead Generation and Telemarketing (also known as Cold Calling) is something you can control and use to grow your business. Companies and consultants that sell inbound marketing services want to tell you that "the Cold Call is dead!" It most certainly is not dead, though more and more companies have realized that it makes good business sense to outsource Lead Generation and Telemarketing. The fact is, Cold Calling, Telemarketing, and outbound Lead Generation are something most b2b businesses need.


Since 1997 Professional Prospecting Systems has been conducting B2B Lead Generation, Telemarketing and Appointment Setting programs.

Most of the b2b companies that hire PPS want appointments set for the business owner or sales team and that is a "Lead." Other companies need more demos or people to attend their events and that webinar or demo attendee is a "Lead." Whatever you define as a “Lead,” PPS can help you get more of them with a proven process for Lead Generation and Telemarketing.


Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Cold Calling, Event Promotion... It's all a business process puzzle that involves coordinating People, Systems, and Content. Professional Prospecting Systems has become expert at this complex job and you can count on us to conduct the mission you hire us to perform with creativity, passion and extreme attention to detail. We can prove it too, attend one of our Webinars or check out our Testimonials.


Professional Prospecting Systems does a lot of cold calling and telemarketing to generate leads but we don't rely on cold calls and telemarketing alone to get the lead generation job done. We use an efficient system we call "E-Telemarketing and Lead Nurturing" to get your name, and your story in front of your target prospects to generate leads and appointments.


E-Telemarketing and Lead Nurturing is a closed loop system that we implement in Salesforce.com that will successfully manage, telemarketing/cold calling, email marketing/lead nurturing and tracking results. It is essentially using Business Process Management to solve the Lead Generation challenge that almost every business has.


You can think of Professional Prospecting Systems as your virtual marketing department. We manage your outbound marketing, lead generation and telemarketing programs. To get lead generation done, you need dedicated staff, and that is what you get; a dedicated team that includes, Creative talent, telemarketers, a technical team and a project manager. All of these people have years of experience and know how to get the lead generation job done for you.


You can only learn so much from reading our web pages, the best way to really educate yourself on PPS and our E-Telemarketing & Lead Nurturing System is to attend one of our webinars or to ask for a demo.

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