Frequently Asked Questions - PPS Testimonials

FAQs - PPS Testimonials


Jerry Lomax,
180 Accounting
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Accountant Practice


What is your closing ratio and how much revenue have you generated from your campaign?

 "Right now I have about $67,000 in the pipeline out of the 31 prospects I have been given. That would be about 50% close ratio."

How does the PPS program compare with what you have done in the past?

"It was hard to see what I had in the pipeline and with this program that's all been resolved. We're not dropping people and that's been a real plus."

"This has been the most effective way of getting new business I’ve ever seen."

What is the long-term value of the program for your business?

"The real value of this program is that long-term income stream and the value it increases my business by."

"This is a no brainer to me because I'm handing out a dollar and getting 5 or 10 back."


Jeffery Seders,
Jeffery Seders & Associates
Insurance Broker (Group Health & 401k)
Los Gatos California


How long have you been working with Professional Prospecting Systems?

"I think that goes back to mid – 2004, 7 years."

How has it helped your business?

"As an independent producer I'm always under the gun to basically be bringing new people in the door while I also have current clients that I have to service."

"By outsourcing the telemarketing portion of it, the appointment setting portion of it, that's going on whether I'm servicing a client or whether I'm playing golf."

What had you done before using Professional Prospecting Systems, did you ever try other services?

"I tried . . . my first instinct was to hire somebody to sit in my office to make phone calls. I thought I could train them to do it but I soon discovered that I couldn't train them to do it and that the return wasn't that great."

You've been with us for 7 years now – what sort of changes and innovations have you seen over those years in your program?

"The email stuff we've started to do is very, very good. The recorded presentation is very good, so all those things are new from a stand point of how technology has evolved and it is important to put into the basic basket of tools that you use to stay in contact with your prospect."

If you go back to the beginning if you've ever kept stats – what kind of return did you get in terms of growing your business?

"For every $1 I put in I got back $10 minimum. The very first client I ever went to see on a Professional Prospecting appointment gave me their business. The very first one."

"My very earliest appointment, a 7-8 life group, is now a 130 life group on both coasts of the country. So it's not just the immediate reward, it's the reward of these clients through time because my business is not a one time sale"

Why did you stick with Professional Prospecting all these years?

"The reason I stuck with Professional Prospecting Systems is because you guys have fundamentally changed my business in a lot of different ways."

"You are professionals – that's what you're looking for in telemarketers; somebody that you're not going to have to retrain every 90 days."

"Those are the big reasons; technology insights that you've brought to me, the marketing insights that you brought to me and the actual quality of the people that Professional Prospecting uses on a daily basis"


John Greene,
ETS International
Boston Massachusetts
Limousine Service


What was the objective of your campaign?

 "We were looking for help in growing our business and getting the word out"

Why did you choose PPS?

"I just found a good synergy"

"I felt you understood what we were looking for"

How would you evaluate your campaign?

"The proof is in the pudding......you were able to get us opportunities to make presentations and we were able to claim new business"

"INC Magazine named us the 2nd fastest growing Limousine Service in the country"

What were the key factors that made your campaigns successful?

"You have to have a good list"

"You need to take the time to put the proper correspondence together"

How many new clients and how much revenue have you obtained from your campaign?

"The campaign generated 100 new clients representing $2,000,000 per year in new revenue"


Greg Peterson,
President Growth Advisors and Renovantage
Oakville Ontario Canada
Business Coaching Consultant


What was the objective of your campaign?

 "We wanted to book more people into our seminars"

Why did you choose PPS?

"My sense was that your callers were of a higher caliber than the typical telemarketing that has a negative connotation"

How would you evaluate the set up process for your campaigns?

"It was much more of a marketing analysis, you were asking questions about our objectives and our business so you could help us identify our value proposition"

"I was very pleased with the script that was written, I know you introduced some things that I hadn't thought of"

How would you evaluate your campaigns?

"The net result was we had twice as many people register for our events than we typically would and we also had a better show up rate"

What were the key factors that made your campaigns successful?

"I think it is the persistent follow up which is especially true when you're dealing with contractors who are out of the office a lot of the time"

"It was a level of calling intensity that we just don't have the resources for"

How many new clients did you obtain from your campaigns?

"We got a total of 7 new clients ."

What was your overall return on investment for your campaigns?

"The lifetime value of each client is $72,000 so we generated $504.000 from our 3 campaigns"

What role did your company play in making your campaigns successful?

"We started with a good list"

"An important component of our role is to spend enough time to train you and educate you on the benefits of our services and the value proposition of our business so that you can communicate that effectively"


Peter Cerula,
National Sales Manager
Keep Your Pharmacy Open
Pinehurst North Carolina
Social Media Consultants


What was the objective of your campaign?


“We were trying to reach out to independent pharmacies and hopefully have them become a member of our social media program.”


How would you describe the set up process for your campaign?


“We established a communication level where we were able to edit as necessary the script that you put together.”


“It was all done very professionally and there were no hiccups.”


How would you evaluate your campaign?


“Lisa and Rita are two outstanding people.”


“Our increase  in membership was a direct result of the calls that were made.”


“Those leads then turned into closings with our most successful time coming in the June, July, August time period.”


What were the key factors that made your campaign successful? 


“Communication was great.”


“Looking at the analytics on our email campaigns, we realized we weren’t getting a lot of hits and we were able to tweak that and it became very successful.”


“What made it successful was the number of leads that were generated by the calls that you made.”


“The majority of the leads that I called knew that I was going to call them, which was important.”


How many new clients did you obtain from your campaign? 


“We have 106 clients now and about 80 of those clients were the direct result of your telemarketing.”


Do you have any other thoughts on your campaign?


“I think the process got us going. If it weren’t for telemarketing we would still be struggling.”


When I was at shows, a lot of people said they knew our company because of the emails and calls that were generated by PPS.”


“You put us on the map in the segment we were going after.”



Jeff Petreman, President,
Trans Action Logistics
Toronto Ontario Canada
Logistics Provider


What was the objective of your campaign?

 "The structure I liked the most was the one where you have inside telemarketers supporting the outside salespeople."

"I was always a strong believer in leaving the telemarketing portion up to the telemarketers who are good at it and do it for a reason."

Why did you choose PPS?

"I liked the concept of the emailing and the follow up calling up based on the emails read."

"It makes a lot of sense that if someone is looking at something at least once or on several occasions, that they are going to be interested."

How have you liked the way your campaign has been handled?

"Its obviously been good because I continue to use you guys."

"In the last two years we have grown by 40 % and 42% and PPS is a big contributor to that."

How successful has the campaign been in achieving your objectives?

"It's been very successful and we continue to be happy with the work."

"We're getting a good amount of appointments set up on a weekly basis and more importantly, they are qualified leads."

How many accounts have you closed from your campaign?

"I think it's averaging out to about 2 to 4 new accounts per month."

"For us it's about residual, people don't just buy from us once. For the most part, the clients that PPS brings on are shipping frequently."

"PPS is getting us some nice consistent customers."

What did your company contribute to make your campaign successful?

"The PPS campaign makes us look very professional. People feel that way right from the initial contact from PPS and the follow up email is a nice touch."

"We help that process because my sales rep is a professional too."

"It is that level of professionalism we have been able to portray together with PPS."


As I shared with you on the phone the other day, I am leaving ACNIelsen for another opportunity. In my 22 years I have dealt with many prospecting services, and hands down your company is the best!

I will contact you from my new company shortly.

Rick Stefany
Vice President
New Business Development
Rx Patient Insights

We will probably hold off until later in the summer. The program was great. I would actually consider the number of tours that were booked to be overwhelming on our end. That's a good problem.

Larry Barnaby
Regional Sales Manager

Your attention to detail and responsiveness throughout this campaign has been excellent. Please pass along our appreciation to your dialing team as well.

Jordan Gilbert
Account Executive

Hi Debra, After much less than 1 week of calling I see that we have 36 contacts for appointments now. That is fantastic! This is working much better than I had expected. When I physically traveled to Hawaii in 2004 and telephoned my buns off and stayed for 3 LONG weeks, I was only able to muster up 25 interviews. You guys are absolute heroes. That trip resulted in 3 contracts, which got close to $100,000 in compensation. I suspect that this campaign, just for Hawaii, will do better. I will be interested to see how we do in Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Arizona, where I have no prior record of work done in those locations.

We had three telephone appointments today:

  • The first appointment, Brian Bowers, was not in the office. His executive assistant, Dawn, asked me to leave a voice mail and send a follow up email. I did both.
  • The second appointment, Henry Inui, and I visited on the phone for about 10 minutes. He is a sole proprietor. He just finished a large project that could have used our help. He does not have anything now, though. He has our contact information and will call if anything develops. No follow up from us is needed.
  • The third appointment, Robin Inaba, indicated a community center project, which might need our help in about 6 months. The project will be LEEDS certified. I would target her for a call in about 5 months.

It is a numbers game and a "stay in their face" game. Who knows? One of these three may get tapped for the next Waikiki high rise hotel and then they will be in a panic for help.
Keep up the good work!

Charles Traylor, AIA, NCARB
Archline CAD Services, Ltd.

Very cooperative and adaptive- good feedback systems on progress and excellent customer service via Rachel.

Bruce G. Clinton
ASearch, LLC

I have been very impressed with the dialers’ results, and equally impressed with Rachel. She has been a joy to deal with and has always been willing to answer the many questions I have thrown her way through this first exercise. Based on the performance to date, and my overall experience with PPS thus far, I can confidently say that we have found a key business partner in your organization moving forward. I'll let you know our status for round two once I catch up with the powers at be here. Thanks again.

Ryan Light
Assurance Agency

  • How long did you use PPS’ services and did you use them for telemarketing and emailing?
    We currently enjoy PPS’s services and have successfully used them for the last 3 years. We indeed use them for telemarketing and emailing. We find this method to be very effective.
  • Did they work within your Salesforce system and if so, how did that go?
    Yes, they work within our Salesforce system and it’s going very well for us. They are trustworthy and very professional.
  • Did PPS achieve your expectations as to the no. of leads or appointments and ultimately sales – the results you expected?
    Yes, they achieve and most of the times exceed our expectations. Debra is wonderful. We meet on weekly bases to go over their activities and weekly objectives.
  • Were the reports PPS provided you informative and timely?
    Absolutely, their reports are informative and timely.
  • Additional information you would like to add:
    I highly recommend PPS. They are efficient and professional. Their callers are trained very well and are able to create a great rapport with our leads.

Lia Castagna
Avia International Travel
The Woodlands Texas
Corporate Travel Agency

The purpose of this letter, first and foremost, is to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of the efforts extended by Professional Prospecting Systems throughout our working relationship. It was the latter part of 2002 when I began to experience the quality phone work and results when working with PPS. Because it was a busy time, I offered little training and few phone script details for which callers might utilize during campaigns run for BZ Productions. Nevertheless, PPS proved themselves and their quality of work in each of my nationwide call campaigns since.

Patience. PPS must stand for "Patient People Society" because that defines what they have been. Throughout our campaigns since our first launch date last year, the callers at PPS have gone through a number of CRM applications where they have documented their calls, results, email addresses and any other pertinent information I have requested they seek out. These programs were uneasy and extremely inconvenient for the types of calls they are making for us. Even still, Debra Davies and her team of professionals have survived and done it enthusiastically! Their positive attitude and understanding nature have only contributed to my satisfaction and amazement for all of the hard work and "extra miles" I have seen while working with PPS.

Aside from the calls, PPS has had a remarkable way of communicating with us. This business relationship has grown into a friendship. The increase in our sales leads has been significant and it is not a surprise to link an inquiry on our website to a call made by PPS on any given day!

There is no possible way for me to express all of the wonderful results and gratefulness I have for PPS in such a simple typed letter. Instead, I ask that you please know and understand that I would highly recommend PPS for any type of call marketing. They know how best to handle situations with new prospects and at the end of a call, leave with an appointment for follow up as well as an interested person!

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime with questions. I am glad to be of reference to any one. Thank you so much, PPS – for all that you do.

Sincerely yours,
Noreen M. Johnson
Vice President of Marketing
BZ Productions

Thank you David - this project worked out great and reinforced our belief in the value PPS brings to the game.

We will not be renewing since this was a one-time campaign.

Stay tuned as our other projects will probably be getting back off the ground once business catches back up.

Paul Younkins

Benefit Concepts, Inc. has been working with Professional Prospecting for the last year. They have delivered on their promise of providing a comprehensive marketing campaign to our target market and we have been very happy with the results. Professional Prospecting certainly gets our recommendation.

Glenn Cassity

David / Rhonda,

Please setup us up for another 200 hour block. I have spoken with Rhonda in regards to the expectations for this 200 hour block and we have agreed to the contacts that are to be made.

Thank you for all your assistance, this program seems to be really working great.

Have a wonderful day,
Mike Raindl
General Manager
Boedeker Plastics, Inc.

Dear Team PPS:

Keep up the outstanding work. I have never had this much opportunity from any previous telemarketing firm! You are all fantastic! Keep up the amazing work.

Herb Thompson
Business Continuity Inc.


As I indicated in my voicemail, we have used the service now for six months and have just renewed for another 6 months.

The service for us has been fantastic. These folks are pros and you will get good value for your money.

I would not hesitate to recommend this service.

I hope this helps with your decision.

Herb Thompson
Business Continuity Inc.

It was nice working with the PPS team. I found them to be very professional and competent in what they do. I would love to work with PPS again.

Surya Sarda

I am a little confused on how the costs work moving forward - I just prepay another block of time? Is 50 hrs the minimum purchase? Is it $75 per month plus $32 per hour?

I need to ponder a new list and talk to my boss, I am confident we will continue, but on a smaller scale.
I see your name on everything, but did not realize you were the President. I have to say I am very impressed with your organization. It has been interesting going through sales & set-up process and everyone along the way has been great.

Dana Stites

Thank you, Pauline, for all your help.

I haven't had a chance to go through it all, but as I am compiling a report over the next two days, I will take a closer look. I knew it was happening when my email inbox started piling up! We had our hands full doing our job while I knew you were doing yours. It's been a long day already but I wanted to thank you and Doreen and your team for all the assistance. We had a great turnout, despite the cold but clear morning - a high risk in February in Toronto!

Cheers, to you all.
Talk in the next two days,

Susan Lilholt.


We are very pleased with your service and the professionalism of all the staff. They call us when in doubt and seem to genuinely care about our success. This is a much better experience than the last telemarketing firm we used. Your statement about quality is absolutely true. If we close the deals we think we will, we will be prospecting with you year around and perhaps even using some of your other support services. Thanks for running a tight ship as we say in marine jargon!

Michael McMahon

We are satisfied with our experience so far and looking forward to working with your telemarketers next month to set individual appointments. Professional Prospecting Systems has provided Chao & Company, Ltd.with a variety of services. They helped us receive more interest in our seminars than we expected.

We were skeptical at first that we could reach and meet the higher up decision makers at prestigious companies in our metro area, but many attended and have shown great interests.

With the seminar success, we have engaged PPS to set face-to-face appointments. We have high confidence in PPS and its professional telemarketing staff. They have impressed us on their experience, professionalism and their process.

Amanda Pagenhardt
Chao & Company

They have done an excellent job of getting me in front of prospective clients. In fact, they are responsible for my meeting with Tyco which has turned into a closed sale.

Chuck Olson
CNC Vending
Houston TX

Thank you David for the great job you are doing…we will be ramping up some more campaigns for you shortly.

Roy Grant
Connections Canada
Network Connectivity Provider

We have had a very good experience with PPS and I am happy my management team agreed to continue our working relationship. From our perspective, one of the things that has made this project quite easy to manage is our mutual use of Salesforce.com. It's a great tool and makes analysis and workflow very efficient.

Kristine Maremont
Manager - STARS Standard Edition

Unlike other similar organizations that we have used in the past, PPS has done everything they promised, and in the timeframes we expected. Their unique scripting approach of self-qualification is clearly superior and delivers meeting results!

Bob Savelson
Digital Mosaic Inc.


You and Lorna did a great job with the phone calls! With 42% agreeing to receive our literature, it will take us a while to follow-up thoroughly with all of them. Since this is a new project for us, we don't need you to make any more calls at this time. We need to wait and see what the return is on the 89 leads you have procured for us. In about 6 - 12 weeks, if the program is deemed successful, we will once again have PPS help us with the lead generation.

Betty Camenzind
Director of Marketing
EpsenHilmer Graphics Co.


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your team’s help in building my business. We have been working with Professional Prospecting Systems for five months now. Rita your dialer, is a true professional and will get the most out of every lead. She and Rhonda my project manager are always available to discuss the work and see how we can better the process.

We have developed and implemented 3 new lists and gathered over one thousand e mail addresses. We have formulated and implemented an e blast campaign and gained very important exposure to our prospects. In addition, we have opened new customers that will attribute to over one hundred thousand dollars of new business this year. ETS International will grow this year over 80% in an economy that our competition is lucky to only be down 20%. I would recommend your company to anyone that is looking to bring their sales process up to date and understand the need to change with the times.

Thank You,

John M Greene
ETS International
5 Grossman Street
Quincy MA, 02169

In addition to being a pleasure to work with, the project managers and callers from PPS maintain the utmost professionalism. They became an extension of our sales team in a very short time and made positive contributions to our lead identification and development process.

Ann Chamberlin
Senior Sales Director
Everbridge Inc.


It's good to hear from you.

I remain very pleased with the work you did for us a couple of months ago. I hope to restart the calling next month.

What most impressed us was the professionalism of your entire staff. Everyone was very thorough, responsive and eager to make the project a success.

One of the contacts made towards the end of the calling was with a hospital that is located 30 miles from my office. We had called on them before and thought they were happy with their existing situation using a competitor's equipment, but your people discovered this was not the case. We feel pretty certain that we will make a sale there sometime during the next year.

Stay in touch,

Alex Fairley
Falcon Environmental

We were skeptical about using telemarketing for prospecting leads. Our technology tends to be difficult with this type of marketing approach. PPS provided the program, support and training to make it happen.

Their consultative approach to taking care of the customer and delivering what the customer wants, not what they want, WORKS! I recommend them to all seeking lead generation through telemarketing.

Joe Wright
Marketing Manager
Fargo Electronics

Hi David

I actually worked with PPS at another company and had such a positive experience that I brought you into my current company. The setup is easy, salesforce.com is great and frankly, it's nice to know that someone is always monitoring the telemarketing effort. If I had any suggestion it would be to produce some kind of monthly wrap-up report. An easy spreadsheet that shows the key metrics for your particular campaign, in my case, total calls, total registrations, regs per day/hour, etc. It's just taking one more thing off my plate.

Overall, I've been really pleased with the PPS experience. I would be happy to refer or recommend you to anyone. Thanks!

Noelle Resare | Marketing Director
Free Conferencing Corporation
Long Beach, CA

I am very pleased with Professional Prospecting Systems. Our product is a PC based Digital Surveillance system. The team at PPS helped us to find call listings and develop a script for the telemarketers.
The very first day that they started calling, they set up appointments for us and over the course of two months they have set up over 250 appointments and leads.

The one thing that I can say that I like most about this company is that the telemarketers at PPS are getting better with each call which we can read each day on the site. They are not just reading from a script, but make the potential customer feel as they (PPS) are calling as an employee of our company.

The bottom line is the dollar. In the two months that we have utilized PPS, we have spent about $3,000.00 on their services. Our net profit from what they have generated thus far will be over $20,000.00, and we still have not exhausted half of the leads that they provided for us.

I highly recommend PPS and will continue to utilize their services.

Charles Gill Jr.
Marketing Director

Everything is going well so far. Every time I check Salesforce I have a new phone follow up appointment and that's great!

Kevin Logiudice
Global Enterprise Technologies Inc

Hi David,

We would like all activity frozen until we regroup. Meaning, please turn off the emails, and any appointment follow up activity, etc.

We've had too many contacts made, so cannot get to all the tax offices for follow up.

We are going to go out for some bank financing in order to ramp up personnel to work these.

Too many sales is a good thing, unless you don't have enough manpower to handle it ... like us.

Thanks, and we'll hook back up soon.

Governmental Data Services
Tax Collection Software
Keller Texas


We utilized your services to help promote our annual law conference last year and we received positive feedback from attendees about the professionalism in which your staff conducted the calls. Your services definitely improved our attendance and overall market awareness. Definitely a worthy return on investment.

Your team did an exceptional job last year and we are looking forward to another great telemarketing session this year.

Kind Regards,
Todd N. Throckmorton
Vice President, Business Development

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with the results of this telemarketing campaign. We are seeing much better results than we have had with more expensive print campaigns and your people have been a real pleasure to work with.

They have been extremely professional and have shown real enthusiasm for the campaign. We are looking forward to getting started on the next phase of the project. Please feel free to have any of your prospects contact me for a reference.

Ed Langford
Icas Computer Systems, Inc.

Hi, Sandra.

I received your voicemail today regarding the status of PPS calls for our SLA seminar. I concur with your recommendation to wrap up calling tomorrow morning.

Let me go on record for saying that I am extremely pleased with the results (more than 12 registrations in 3 days) and the overall experience (e.g., set-up, project management and status updates) has been phenomenal.

Thank you for your help. For some reason today, salesforce.com was not letting me log into the project. Perhaps, you can verify username in the morning so I can see the final results.

Best Regards,
Kathy Menis

"I would recommend PPS to those companies who wish to expand their client base with quality new business. I was mostly impressed with the on-going involvement & support of David and his associates to ensure we were receiving a Quality Product. It was a positive experience!"

John Martin

I really appreciate the added service I receive from Professional Prospecting Systems. Help with writing the script is very important; as well as help in designing the list and ordering it. These things just add to the professionalism they show in all aspects of my telemarketing program.

Jeff Seders

We have not only achieved great results from using Professional Prospecting Systems, but we have helped maintain a high quality of professionalism and continuity using your agents. For a company that is looking to expand we are now heading into a second phase with PPS and are looking forward to a successful transition.

With Kim Novotny at the helm we know we will be taken care of. She is always quick to check in and follow up with us even before I get a chance to call her. You will not get this type of personal care and professionalism from other companies. They truly care about your business and the results show it!

Audrey Jones
Director of Customer Service

First, sorry about the delay in getting back to you. We are pleased with the results from this venture. We would like to do another project much the same as this one in time and script. The difference will be that we will target Skid Steer loaders. The common name would be a "bobcat.

" Bobcat is a brand name that has been long used in reference to this type of equipment; we will want to stay away from reference to our competitor. Please have someone contact me in getting this new project underway.

Thank you,
A. Albert Sanchez
VP Support Services
Johnson Machinery

For over 12 years KYBA used in-house telemarketing. As our company grew we found it more difficult to manage this department. With this in mind we conducted a search for an outsourced solution. We selected PPS after a review of 16 other telemarketing vendors. Our only regret was that we waited so long to make the change to outsourcing this important marketing tool. We have been very pleased with PPS and their telemarketing services.

PPS increased our productivity by 64% while decreasing our expense by almost 50%. PPS has been pro-active as well as responsive. They have a professional team calling for us and are always open to suggestions on strategy. I would highly recommend PPS to anyone considering changing telemarketing vendors or outsourcing this department.

Bruce W. Bishop
Managing Partner
KYBA Benefits

Dear David and Sandra –

Let me begin with a sincere Thank You! Our experience with PPS over these past number of months has been very good! From the initial set-up, to the first week's "fine tuning", to these very successful intervening months your service to us has been thoughtful and thorough.

While we were all in agreement with our original script, your suggestions helped us to more personalize the work your callers would do, and we saw the value of that reflected in our initial appointments and calls back. The number of customers who have requested additional information underscores the comfort level your callers have developed with our rather unique market niche. The regular "check-ins" I get from you, Sandra, as our Project Manager, help me to stay focused, and certainly show your professionalism. Your willingness to continue to fine tune your caller's work in keeping with our needs makes this process fresh and powerful.

Good work, guys! We make a good Team!

With thanks to you and your staff -
Dianne M. Connolly VP, Staffing Operations Lab Force Services


At this time we are going to work with the leads we have been given, and at the end of our Trial campaign will stop for a period of time to asses how we are doing. In the future we hope to pick up where we left off. Professional Prospecting Systems has been wonderful and the leads you have generated have been tremendously helpful. I appreciate all the effort from you both and our Callers! In our Industry, the smallest lead can turn into the next big account. I want to thank you all for your help.

Thank you.
Daniel Ostrowski
Sales Manager
Last Mile Connections

We've had success with appointments, but gain additional value in building brand awareness with the email/call combination approach that PPS uses.

Dear David,

Professional Prospecting has done an excellent job in supporting the efforts of AccuVet/Lumenis with our goal of scheduling on-site seminar (demonstrations) for our lasers in veterinary practices. Not only have we had close to 100 on-site demonstrations scheduled, you have stimulated interest from several hundred accounts who requested more information on our products.

In addition, our sales force has been "reinvigorated" by the opportunity to show their customers how great a laser can be for their practice both clinically and financially.
Overall, the telemarketing services provided Professional Prospecting have been an excellent investment for Lumenis.

Best Regards,
Lora Varnelis
Global Marketing Manager


I will be very happy to provide feedback--and all of it positive. We at Manna Freight Systems could not be more pleased by the service and support PPS has given us in our effort to qualify new leads and drive additional business, particularly as the economy continues to show minimal signs of recovery. Your calling agents have contacted nearly 8,000 businesses, and qualified more than 2,000 good solid leads for our three business divisions. As our sales people follow up to make contact and close sales, we have seen remarkable success in the first 10 weeks of our marketing program including projected revenue of an additional $4 million we would not be seeing today without PPS.

Additionally, I've been in weekly, and sometimes daily touch with Kim Novotny, who has supervised our program and who has given us extraordinary personal service. In my many years in marketing, I've encountered very few companies that live up to their claims of personal service, but I have to say, PPS has exceeded my expectations in every way. Judith McAnanama has also been very, very good with going beyond the norm to meet my requests of your systems. She worked with me, answered my questions, explored additional options and provided solutions to make our program run smoothly.

Can you tell I am a big fan of your people and your company? We will continue to use your service as we expand our divisions. Thanks for doing everything you promised and more.

Linda Meehan


Things are going so well that I can't even keep up with the sales. Why don't we start up again in September?

I am working on setting up two big accounts and I will not be able to get the new stuff going. You see, the problem is that you guys are too good! LOL

Jeff Almeyda
Master Metal Finishers

Hi Pauline:

We've been impressed with both the quality and quantity of leads provided by Professional Prospecting. We will definitely call on your service again in the future.

Thanks for the update on the spreadsheet,
Sterling Garde
MedGarde Corporation

Your team has performed fabulously!

Best Regards
George Sage

We have used Professional Prospecting with great success to increase the number of people who register for our live events. PPS has then followed up with those that registered to increase the percentage of people who actually attend the event. I highly recommend PPS for increasing the reach of your company's marketing efforts.

Service Category: Outbound Telemarketing
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Your service is working for us. Keep up the good work.

John Maydonovitch
General Manager

Grant asked me to respond to your testimonial request since I had initially started visiting customers from your referrals. I then handed the project to our new sales representative, Brian. I have also asked Brian for his feedback and will include his comments below.

"My husband and I are a small independently owned printing franchise of Minuteman Press International & International Minute Press. We had purchased an existing business and after two years of growing our business through existing customers, we were ready to begin cold calling to further increase our customer base.

As with most businesses we are constantly inundated with phone calls, mail, faxes and email about increasing sales, but the literature from Professional Prospecting Systems (PPS) caught our interest. Along with their literature was a letter from another Minuteman franchise that had used PPS in the past. We called and spoke to the owner who had solid feedback about PPS, so we decided to give PPS a try.

  • PPS was willing to work within our schedule, not theirs. We were in the process of expanding our offices and then had some unexpected personnel changes, so we had to postpone our initial start date with PPS several times. There was no point in starting the process if we could not follow-up on the leads and then focus on new customers.
  • PPS management was easy to work with. Initially we had chosen our zip codes in one area of Phoenix, however, when we hired a Sales Representatives he recommended that we focus on a different area of Phoenix, which made more sense. PPS changed those zip codes without hesitation.
  • PPS staff was easy to work with and saved us time. Our assigned PPS associate contacted us by phone, fax and email; whichever was more convenient for us. She was very effective in getting leads and also providing information drop off lists. This saved us time since she did the initial "leg work" for us. There were also a few times when we needed a break so that we could concentrate on specific leads and then do follow-up calls. Again, she was willing to work within our schedule.
  • While PPS provided us with leads, it was up to us to follow-up on those leads, several times if necessary, in order to gain more customers. PPS opens the door, but we had to use our skills to persuade these potential customers to become our customers.

We would recommend PPS to anyone in our industry and would consider using them again in the future.

Nancy & Grant Girard International
Minute Press

Our relationship with PPS and their team has been great! From the beginning in which an extensive needs analysis was done right through to the end where they generated leads for Mult - E Tech, I always felt that my project was handled with great care and in great detail with an extreme amount of professionalism. They handled all of my needs and more. I would definitely recommend using PPS and their team!

Let me know if you need anything else.

Tom Wainas
Mult - E Tech Solutions

Hi Sandra,

At this time we will not be continuing with another block of hours. If and when NetSource wants to do more telemarketing, PPS will be who we will call. The professionalism of everyone that we have encountered in your company is absolutely superb and we all appreciate that very much. I can see how we would be interested in doing some telemarketing after we send 1st quarter show emails in order to follow-up with registration. I will be in contact regarding this.

Cinda Rudolph
Marketing Manager
NetSource America


I received the invoice for the next pool of hours.

I love Helen she is great! Best Telemarketer I have ever had. My customers even tell me that. Please pass that along to her. We appreciate her!

Joanna Samartzis
Omega Cleaning Concepts, Inc.
Houston, Texas

From: Jason Waren
Subject: Telemarketing

I wanted to let you know that it looks like we have acquired two new customers so far as a result of our telemarketing efforts in Florida. The Matlacha-Pine Island Fire Department and Naples Concrete and Masonry have both expressed significant interest in signing agreements with us.

I just wanted to pass on the good news and to let you know that we appreciate all of the effort everyone is putting into our project.

Thank you


I am going to put the campaign on hold for the month of January. I realize that means that I will lose the experience of the dialers I currently have but I need to reassess some of my marketing approaches before continuing.

Lets talk sometime during January. By the way, PPS has done an excellent job and I would recommend you and PPS highly. PPS is flexible and has worked with me to adapt to my campaign as it rolled out.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the holiday season and get some down time. I look forward to talking after the first of the year.

Steve MacGill


Working with PPS was our first venture into an outsourced telemarketing firm, and we are very pleased with the results. The team at PPS gave us valuable input as we set up our program. More importantly, they were responsive to our needs as we made adjustments to the program, which was extremely important as we were learning along the way how our message best translated into a telemarketing message. We certainly feel like we made an excellent choice in PPS to gain broader exposure through telemarketing.

Best regards,
Mike Lazorchak
Director of Marketing & Sales
OneService, Insured Shipping Solutions

I do like PPS and I would recommend them to other people.

Mohammad Ahmed
General manager
Paradise Construction Corp


It has taken up a little while to make up our minds on using the services of PPS.  Your company has demonstrated to us how it handles prospecting by the way PPS marketed its services to us.  An excellent job.

When we first started interacting with PPS, we were (still are) impressed with you and the callers that called us.  Well we are a client now and just starting with the program.  During the initial period after we signed our contract, we interfaced with Pauline Hughes.  You have heard multiple times how positively we feel about Pauline and the quality of her work product.  Now we are interfacing with Debbie and just recently with Wendy.  Again, we are impressed with them too.

The net of what we are saying is that from the first interface, you and the staff at PPS are amazing in the dialog, quality of interaction, promptness, courtesies, and just plain common sense.  Your ability to attract wonderful staff and retain them is to be commended.

Thanks David.
Best regards,

Jeffery D. Stein

David I want to let you know that every person that I have dealt with at PPS has exceptional people skills and is very responsive. We all too often hear only about the bad things that happen as normal course of business I thought you might like to hear something positive.

Thanks again Rosanne.

Paul Creed
Product Solutions
Waterman Illinois
Injection Molding

My pleasure. Always like talking about things that work. PPS worked for us and holds strong chances we will use them again in the very near future. More than pleased with their effectiveness and professionalism.

Best of luck to you,

Given the results to date, I would be crazy to terminate your services!

Roy Luce
Q Systems

I have been pleased with the service. Rachel Buttery has been the project manager for my account and has been great. I also feel like the dialers are doing a good job. Overall, everything has been great!

Allen McCammon


Thank you. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I am very impressed by your professionalism and follow through. I wish that I had had a dozen of you back when I was in management.

The program was well managed and documented. I think I had over estimated the “gather rate” of the prospect names, but I feel that was my error in judgment, not a reflection on the effectiveness of your firm’s efforts.

Even at the response rate that was achieved, I think the project is incredibly valuable. In 35 years of operation in state, we have identified approximately 300 “Prime target” accounts, out of a universe of 600. At a cost of $40 per confirmed contact, it would take only $6,000 to obtain another 150 qualified target accounts. That would get us to a 75% penetration in our Prime target market in our 36th year.

Sales is a very responsive business and priorities change quickly and constantly. I hope that 2006 will make available more discretionary marketing money so that we can achieve the success that is within our grasp.

Robert A. Guenther, Jr
Sales and Marketing Consultant

My experience with PPS has been very profitable. I have had numerous appointments scheduled which I was able to convert into sales. I will certainly use their services in the future.

Paul Burke
Franchise Owner


It was great hearing from you. I hope all is well with you and your business.

The telephone marketing that you did for us 2 years ago is still bringing lots of business today. The qualified leads that your staff obtained were incredible. Every person that we contacted after the telephone soliciting wanted a price from us. Our closing ratio was better then 40% on the first run through the list and it generated us lots of premium $$$ which works back to additional commission. All in all I would say that test that we did in London was a huge success and I would like to investigate the commercial and group marketing in the near future.

Best regards,
Mark Steer

David -

I can't tell you how pleased we are with Susan and her group of callers. It is a night and day difference. Thanks for being attentive to our needs.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ben Hinnen
Director, ADMS Business Unit
Automated Drug Management Systems
Swisslog Healthcare Solutions

This is the best marketing program our company has found. We are targeting business owners for compensation strategies. The combination of emailing high quality articles and following up with telemarketing calls to prospects who have opened the emails, works.

David Brock
The Kairos Group

I was looking for a Telemarketing Company that wanted to "partner" with ThyssenKrupp Elevator and enhance our position in our markets in the U.S. In doing research on various companies, a close colleague of mine recommended that I look into Professional Prospecting Systems and once I talked with them, I knew they were the right choice.

From the very beginning of discussing our needs with David Rankine and Karen Welsh, I have been extremely pleased with their understanding of our goals and the results we are expecting from their services. They worked with our Marketing Department in developing the tools we needed to be successful and most importantly, PPS are the professionals and experts in this field and they teamed up with us to get the preliminary format accomplished.
When we were ready to begin our campaign and go "live", David and Karen handed our program over to Debra Davies as she would be our Production Coordinator. Since Debra's involvement in our campaign, she has been resourceful, caring and overly committed to reaching ThyssenKrupp Elevator's goals with our program. I can't say enough about Debra's dedication and organized approach to assisting us with our predicted outcome.

Our investment in Professional Prospecting Systems has already paid for itself with the results that have been obtained. Our plan was to strengthen our position in the U.S. markets (specifically the Central U.S.) and I believe by partnering with them, we have accomplished our goal and look to increase our results by utilizing PPS in the future.

Todd R. Boever
Vice President of Sales
Central Region

David - As you know, our initial telemarketing campaign, which was a trial for PPS, stretched into three. Results from the first campaign exceeded our expectations, and the subsequent campaigns have been even better. Our sales reps, who were very skeptical of outsourced telemarketing, are all firm converts. Our New Jersey rep closed five new accounts in two weeks! In our business, one new account per month is pretty good. As long as we can continue to generate prospect lists, your folks will be doing the dialing. I have never worked with a more professional and attentive project manager than your Debra Davies.

Wayne Lynn
Executive Director

Good afternoon everyone,

Things are just truckin' along over here in Growth Fund land. The dialers at the call center continue to set appointments daily and I'm sure our GF Zs continue to go on the appointments and make the indicated follow ups.
Some good news....

As of today, we have 15 signed accounts with a total of approximately 3,110 heads! The best part about this is that it tops what we have ever generated from the call center; having pulled 10 signed accounts last Fall and 8 last Spring. And, we still have over 1400 calls left to go! That's 1400 more opportunities for appointments and sign-ons! Keep 'em coming call center!
Some more good news...

One of our newest GF additions, Rob and Cathy McCrea have been set four appointments just in the last week and several phone follow ups! Newbie, Saundra Banning, has also gotten an appointment and a number of follow ups. NC team, Crystal Horne & Ashley Barlowe, have had quite a few appointments their way, along with Vic and Dot Thomas in TX. Did I mention Bob Robinson, Tracy Gonzalez, Becky Arledge, Tim Reason, and Christine Gay have all also been set appointments by the call center just this past week? That would be 16 face-to-face appointments in just one week! Wow, way to go callers!!

So far, there has been a total of 80 appointments set and almost 600 Phone and Mail Follow Ups together! That is truly outstanding!

Thanks to the Zs for getting us good lists and thanks to the dialers who are doing an exceptional job calling them.

No bad news....
Happy Monday,

PS - You can find the Status Report to see where things are at with these calls in the Sales section of the Resource Library under Growth Fund at anytime! Spread the word!

SahilJabbehdari - Sales Admin. Asst.
TSS Photography


Karen Welsh has been outstanding! She is very responsive and flexible to my requests. Salesforce.com is a great tool as well.

PPS is very responsive and flexible! PPS provides excellent and quality service! I would highly recommend PPS!

Brian S. Fugate
University of Tennessee
Marketing & Logistics


I apologize for not getting back sooner but you guys are starting to keep us very busy. I am very happy with the overall response so far from the calling that Wendy and Pat have been doing. Debra is also very good at keeping in touch with us to make sure that things are going well. We will certainly be continuing our calling and please invoice us for the same amount of calling that you have been doing to this point on a weekly basis.

Mike Maguire
Vision Brokerage

Professional Prospecting doesnt waste our time with poor leads. All of the prospects given to us are quality, confirmed leads that have led to some very profitable accounts.

Chris Pellegrini
Sales Manager

Dear Mr. Rankine,

We recently completed a project with your company and would like you to know that Debra Davies and her staff were phenominal! Debra anticipated every question and provided all the information we would need before we even knew what to ask for. Thanks to their hard work - our campaign was a success and we will definitely use your services in the future.
Thanks so much!

Deidre Pyron
Promotions Coordinator

David, Debra and Lisa,

First of all, let me commend your entire operation for the professional services we have received from start of project to now. We have learned a tremendous amount and would like to discuss continuing using your services. Please call me on Friday morning between 9 and 10AM so we can talk about next steps, etc.

Thank you,
Ken Kobane
Director of Business Development
Zuma Fun Centers

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